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TopGear Infographic

The passion for cars runs deep in our corporate culture. In fact every one of our new career postings includes the phrase “passion for cars

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The goal with infographics (information graphics) utilization is to take a cluttered amount of data and present it in an understandable, organized, and aesthetically appealing

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Business Online Marketing 101 – How to Market Your Business Online. (MEGA Blog Post)

The title sounds stuffy, but I assure you the article won’t be (crossing fingers). Okay so where to begin? By now you’ve Googled your way through some level of knowledge when it comes to online marketing. As I’m sure you are pretty sick of seeing a “top 10 list” of ways to do things, I figure we would change it up and use bullet points instead of creating a numbered list…. (cue in laughs) So here goes nothing…

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Is Twitter Just Hype (Twitter vs Facebook vs MySpace)?

Every online marketing firm, including ours, always includes some sort of Twitter marketing option. Most of the time it isn’t by choice, because our clients read all about Twitter and buy into the hype that it’s an effective marketing tool. But is Twitter really all that popular than say, MySpace? Most of us already know that with the dawn of Facebook, MySpace sort of took a backseat in the online social environment. Even with riding in the backseat, MySpace still is able to control more user attention than Twitter.

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Social Media Marketing or Social Marketing?

I’m often asked what Boost Labs does and I find myself always answering “social media marketing”. The immediate reply is, “Oh like Facebook marketing stuff right?”, which then prompts me into this long speech about how there’s more to social media marketing than just Facebook and usually ends with me suffering from dehydration and the poor person on the receiving side of my rambling with a glazed over look on their face. Has “Social Media Marketing” been forever branded as “Facebook Only Marketing”?

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Does Coffee Fuel Creativity?

At Boost Labs, we are very passionate about our work in social media. Every second of everyday if we are not brainstorming really cool ideas for our clients, we are sipping on something that is caffeinated. Which got me to think…is our caffeine intake encouraging our creativity?

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FAQ: What is The Best Social Media Website To Promote My Business?

Answer: Depends on what the business is selling.

Probably not the answer your were looking for right? Well there’s a reason for that. Not all businesses are the same, which means there isn’t a single site that works for every business. What I can do is give you a general idea and let you brainstorm where your company can fit in…

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