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Adobe CS5 Launches Today!

Adobe has introduced some very exciting web and mobile advancements setting CS5 above CS4. The two most exciting advancements appear to be a connectivity and development feature which allows Flash developers to create apps for the iPhone and iPad. Also included is an online marketing suite which should improve workflow from website design, development, and finally web marketing.

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Is The Term “Expert” Being Overused?

Am I being cynical with that title? Probably, but I do have a good reason. Like many I get a ton of emails about webinars or events about “Social Media Marketing Experts” giving you, the business owner, the tools necessary to be successful with promoting your business online. Social Media to me is a channel that constantly evolves and is always giving you something new to learn.

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Social Media and The Automotive Industry

While most industries are trying to figure out what Social Media can do for them, the automotive industry has been involved in social media as early as 2001 (possibly even earlier). In fact most manufacturers were involved whether they liked it or not. The reason for the forced involvement had to do with car enthusiasts who had passion for specific automotive models and brands. Using “car love” as the common bond, millions of visitors would join various “closed communities” (bulletin boards) and engage in conversation with each other across the world. This opened the communication doors between the manufacturer and the owner. This also provided an opportunity for people like me to start a “closed community” and provide enthusiasts with something that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Hence the start of EvolutionM.net.

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Kings of viral video, OKGO – This Too Shall Pass

If you’re a fan of the previous OKGO viral online music videos, you’ll love this one. Teaming up with State Farm Insurance to produce and directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs, the video was filmed in a two story warehouse in LA. The Rube-Goldberg device was designed and built by the band members, along with Syyn Labs over several months.

Update: There’s another official video for the same song – link in the full article.

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Design Spec Work

I’d like to have a one-on-one discussion with small business owners. Me, Kevin (designer) and you, business owner. You need a logo. You need a

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