Data As A Strategic Asset: Intuitive Investor Reports Provide A Competitive Advantage

Data As A Strategic Asset: Intuitive Investor Reports Provide A Competitive Advantage

In highly regulated industries, your data – and required investor reports – must be perfect. In some industries, that means taking a more risk-averse approach by sharing less robust data and creating long print pieces heavy with text and tables. And, hoping that investors will be willing to pore through the documents, analyze the information, and come up with a good reason to invest.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, one of our clients asked us to help them attract more and better investors by creating cutting-edge investor reports that use smart data visualizations to tell the story of the company’s progress and performance. Now, our client’s investment reports are unique, compelling, and hold investors’ attention, all while meeting stringent SEC compliance requirements. Now, the innovative design of each report attracts investor attention while setting our client head and shoulders above competing firms.

When we began, the acting chief data officer showed us the manual process he had inherited: an enormous Excel spreadsheet with nearly 100 tabs. For each report, data was compiled over a period of more than three months with up to 20 people collaborating on different elements. Then, the spreadsheet was sent to a graphic designer who created a print piece with tables, charts, and a long text narrative.

We worked with our client’s data team to turn the company’s investor reporting on its head. We approached this from four angles:

  1. Business: Determining how the data and reporting could be used as a strategic asset and competitive advantage. Our goal: compelling, engaging reports that would be immediately accessible to investors.
  2. Data: An intensive process of ensuring data integrity by validating, de-duplicating, and backing up the data, ensuring access control, and establishing an authoritative data source for all reporting.
  3. Design: Creating an intuitive, interactive reporting interface that left competitors’ text-heavy reports in the dust.
  4. Technical: Re-engineering the entire process and automating reports. The result: reports that were available in five minutes, at the click of a mouse.

Yet another benefit of the new automated reports: eliminating the tedious legal review previously required. Before, each individual report had to be reviewed by the company’s legal team to ensure that all was in strict compliance. Instead, the automated reports were reviewed by attorneys one time. All subsequent reports were absolved of this requirement, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What our client said:

“Boost Labs have worked to provide us with highly innovative visualizations that communicate progress and performance in a far more understandable manner. The reception by the market of this cutting-edge technique has been tremendous. This has given us great confidence during our presentations that we’re keeping the attention of the audience and our messages are being understood.”

If you’d like to talk through how you can use your data as a strategic asset and outshine the competition, contact us. We’re here to help.

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