Mood Based Blog

Mood Based Blog

In an attempt to create something unique, we decided to have fun and turn my blog into a “mood” based blog. Why? Well one of the issues that many people have while communicating on the internet is determining emotion of the individual doing the writing online. So we asked the question, “why can’t emotions be represented via design?”.

Welcome to what we believe is the first step to understanding a person’s mood surrounding a blog post or communication online in general.

How it works
Basically when you hit the homepage, the design of the blog will be determined by the first (or latest) blog post I post up. This also applies when viewing a specific post. If I’m calm while writing the post, then a watery image appears as my logo and background. If I’m all “fired up” while writing post, then a fire type logo and background will appear. It’s as simple as that.

Future Enhancements: Create image representations for more emotions to truly get the full spectrum.

Try It Out
Calm: Click here to see how the design changes to a “water” theme.

Fired Up: Click here to see how the design changes to a “fire” theme.

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