Data Product Development

What is Data Product Development?

Data Products are everything that intelligently use data to extract valuable insights. Building applications and software that process custom data is no easy feat, which is why we work with our clients every step of the product lifecycle. Whether it’s an IoT application, analytics platform, or any other data product, we can build it. Many focused enterprise solutions are data products like custom software and interactive platforms specially designed to extract value from data.

Do you need Data Product Development?

You know what you need from the data, but you don’t have the right tools. And the best solution is a data product that prioritizes business needs and facilitates success. Legacy products that require updated features benefit from the application prototype process in order to evaluate the feasibility of added enhancements. Data products can solve complex problems, create focus toward an end goal, and bring life to design to applications defined by data.

Why Boost Labs?

From ideation to application, we are immersed in data. Whether it’s an MVP application or an internal operational tool, we’ve built it. We’ve created mobile and web based application prototypes for our clients that have gone on to product. We’ve built back-end algorithmic support for corporations. If you are looking to enhance business performance or add a new level of application prototyping capability to your team, give us a ring to figure out how we can help.

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