AthenaHealth: The evolution of medical practice

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Project Scope.

Boost Labs was tasked to build an interactive data visualization full screen scrollable application showing the evolution of medical practice over time. The timeline application scrolled through full screen data visualizations plotting notable milestones in history and correlate them to impacts in the medical world. There were three sections and each screen the user scrolled to would build on a storyline. This was used to show how Physician history and specific key metrics affect both the medical world as a whole and the patients.

Complexity and Work Performed.

The application utilized technologies that have never been used together to accomplish the task at hand. The timeline application used custom, responsive D3 charts overlaid with voronoi to detect the location of an SVG to plot milestone flags relative to the location of an SVG, while compensating for browser performance and cross-browser compatibility. Since there were many complex layers of SVG being drawn and voronoi that is very taxing to implement, browser performance was a huge concern. It wasn’t just one full screen visualization per page, or any multiple pages in general, the whole application housed 12 full screen data visualizations on a single page.

Our solution managed the way this taxed the browser to make screen transitions seamless and quick. To assist with browser performance, we had to restructure the data to be pulled into the visualizations more efficiently.

Quantifiable Results.
  • Successful data architecture implementing a data schema to allow for flexibility and expandability of new datasets in the future
  • Created transparency between the medical world and the patient to promote better understanding
Services We Provided.

3 Months

Discovery / Data Analysis1 Month
Application Design and Build: 2 Months

Athena Health Care Time Line App 1