AthenaHealth: The High-Performing Physician Network

Project Scope.
Boost Labs was tasked to create an interactive visualizations to allow physicians to navigate athenahealth’s data to see how they can improve their financial performance. The application had to use responsive data visualization design and have an intuitive interface. athenahealth’s goal was to utilize the data from their extensive national network of providers to help bring bring a higher return than just sitting in a database.
Complexity and Work Performed.
Like our previous athenahealth engagement with the timeline, this was a responsive D3 visualization. It had to work across devices down to a mobile phone. For the visualization, had to utilize gradient masks for the curves within D3, all while responding to the changing dimensions of the browser. The toggles required a certain level of finesses with CSS and Javascript to allow that level of customization. With all the idiosyncrasies of modern-day browsers, we had to write separate code snippets for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Unfortunately, the dated IE was not able to meet the requirements to run the technology athenahealth had desired.
Our Process.
We worked with athenahealth to get sample data and began our vetting process to make sure there was value being derived. Once that value in the data had been confirmed, we began to ideate ways disseminate this information in an easy-to-understand manner. This involved intimately understanding the use case and target audiences, creating simple wireframes in Illustrator, and more complex interactive prototypes done in Axure. Once the interface and experience had been outlined, we began to talk the aesthetic of design. Having worked with athenahealth prior, this step took less discovery and we were able to align with their vision very quickly to create something functionally sound and visually compelling. Once all the designs were completed, our Designers began creating the development specifications to pass to our Developers for the real fun. Our Dev Team utilized HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, D3.js, all built nestled in a React framework to bring everything to life. After rigorous testing, the application was then ready to be launched.
Tools & Technologies.
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Axure
  • D3.js
  • React Framework
Quantifiable Results.
  • Successful data architecture implementing a data schema to allow for flexibility and expandability of new datasets in the future
  • Returned value of athenahealth’s aggregated network data to help Physicians become more profitable
Services We Provided.

3 Months

Discovery / Data Analysis1 Month
Application Design and Build: 2 Months