Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon)

2013 Global Trends in Investor Relations 12 20 13 Page 14 1
Project Scope.

BNY Mellon conducts surveys each year among 700 participants representing companies from 63 nations. This survey covers key emerging trends in today’s capital markets. Analyzing, understanding, and conveying this complex data introduced some challenges that the Boost Labs team was happy to accept.

Description of Work Performed.

We first standardized and designed a cutting-edge, print-ready report intended for investors and investment professionals. We then developed a system of integrating the data and rendering designed reports. The outcome is a system that can build beautiful reports from BNY Mellon’s survey results for years to come.

Services We Provided.

7 Months

Discovery: 1 Month
Template Design4 Months
Automated Tool Development: 2 Months