GURU Dashboard

GURU Dashboard 08 switch 1
Project Scope

Enterprise networking has become very complex, and network downtime can be very costly for a large organization. Often, companies have thousands of devices, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and access points. Many of these contain their own aliases, IP addresses, bandwidth, and status. Monitoring the health of complex networks is a complicated task, and nowadays software lends a large helping hand. We designed a visualized network application for GURU, to monitor the health of their clients’ networks. The tool allows easy administration by automatically alerting users of device connectivity issues, and peak bandwidth occurrences. Knowing a history of device problems helps GURU troubleshoot network problems before they start, as well.



Discovery / Data Analysis: 3 Month
Minimal Viable Product (MVP): 4 Months
Mobile App: N/A
Version 2: N/A