NBR: Mapping Pakistan's Internal Dynamics

NBR Pakistan
Project Scope.

Boost Labs was tasked to help create an interactive Data Visualization App that allows users to navigate and understand the complex story of Pakistan’s political and security environment.

Description of Work Performed.

We kicked off the project by spending time analyzing the data, understanding the vision from the client, project requirements, and finalizing the project timelines. Armed with a complete understanding of what the data visualization application should be, we focused on the build process of the project

Within our build process we collaborated with the client via ideation sessions in order to produce finalized wireframes and mockups. From there we went into production and created the final product seen here.

Features of the Data Visualization Application:

  • Open Source Technology
  • Updatable Data Source
  • Desktop and Mobile Accessible
Tools We Used.
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • D3
  • Adobe Products
Services We Provided.

9 Weeks

Discovery / Data Analysis: 1 Week
Ideation / Wireframes: 2 Weeks
Design: 2 Weeks
Development: 3 Weeks
Finalize: 1 Week

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