Nurburgring Nordschleife Infographic

Project Scope.

Nicked named “The Green Hell”, the Nurburgring is an automotive enthusiast’s dream, a driver’s extreme challenge, and a proving ground for the top performance oriented car manufacturers. Reaching over 80 years old, the Ring has seen all forms of motorsports, testing of various machines, and serves as a public toll road for any road legal vehicle. This combination fuels its overall mystique and lures interested participates worldwide. YouTube helps encourage the track’s popularity by hosting a variety of entertaining in car videos of individuals braving the track at ridiculous high speeds rain or shine.

We felt that producing an infographic of the Nurburgring can fuel passion for others out there to truly understand the history of the track itself, but to also see the top 10 fastest production cars that ran ridiculously fast lap times.

Our Role.

We analyzed the data, finalized our data story, and designed the infographic seen here.


4 Weeks

Data Analysis / Ideation / Wireframes: 1 Week
Design: 2 Weeks
Finalize: 1 Week

nordschleife v1.3b med scaled 1