TrueCar: OEM Dashboard

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Project Scope

Boost Labs had a working relationship with TrueCar when our team was tasked to help innovate and design a digital product for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of motor vehicles. The product would allow manufacturers to follow and analyze their car sales within the TrueCar universe. For instance, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, and others would be able to log into TrueCar’s product and see how their sales across regions of the United States compared between models, options, and other makes & models. In addition to raw sales figures, there is also the need to analyze profitability, both in the past and anticipated. TrueCar also wanted manufacturers to be able to see the benefits of engaging marketing campaigns within the TrueCar universe, to help manufacturers maximize their own sales and profits and help build an innovative predictive analytical web application to distribute amongst executives to gain visibility into the company’s performance.

The Boost Labs team flew out to work on-site with the CEO of TrueCar on marketing materials, UX product designs, and a presentation designed to garner investor interest in the product and pitch deck. We worked closely with data analysts at TrueCar to understand their client’s needs and integrated with in-house marketing teams to coordinate efforts.

Description of Work Performed

One of our company’s strengths is our ability to thrust our teams into chaos and funnel chaotic data, ideas, and stories into precise, cohesive, clear products. Based on the trust our team had with the TrueCar teams, we were invited into the chaos of a fast-moving product strategy and marketing campaigns. Our teams worked well together, and combined shared knowledge to produce real value. It took four days for our team to produce an investor pitch deck and presentation to gain interest in the product. We then quickly designed a prototype product in the first month. This lead to evolutionary improvements to the product over another two months, which grew the prototype into a Minimally Viable Product (MVP.)

Services We Provided
  • Data Visualization
  • Application Prototyping
  • UI/UX Design & Development
Project Challenges

Besides balancing the needs of sales, marketing, and executive teams of multiple OEMs with the needs of TrueCar, a big challenge was enabling users an extremely easy, intuitive way to customize their own marketing campaigns within the TrueCar universe. Each OEM brand has wildly different marketing & design needs, so the whole product needed to feel very TrueCar, while also allowing each OEM full freedom to customize and tailor marketing graphics, positioning, copy, etc.



Discovery: 1 Month
Design: 2 Months
Agile Design & Development: 3 Months