The U.S Army: Then & Now

infographic bitmap 1
Project Scope.

Boost Labs was tasked to help create an infographic that represented the Army’s evolution over time via manpower, commitments, and budget. The Army War College sits on a ton of compelling data that required a more engaging product to represent one of many data stories. Services include: Data Analysis, Data Story Creation, Design Ideation, and Information Design


Narrowing down the focus to an initial data story proved to be challenging due to how much information/data was available. Translating the data visually without complicating or cluttering the final design also proved challenging.

Through ideation sessions and using the data story as our foundation, we collaboratively worked as a team with the client to produce a series of wireframes to visualize potential directions. The ideation sessions helped narrow the design direction and help finalize the data elements needed to support the story.

Description of Work Performed.

We worked collaboratively with the client (via multiple scheduled meetings) to discover the finalized infographic topic based on the data provided to help craft a compelling story.

Our first step was to engage in a Data Analysis/Initial Discovery Phase. During this phase, our team met with key stakeholders to develop the finalized story and the supporting data for the infographic. The goal was to have a complete understanding of the data, story, and technical requirements in order to begin sketching ideas for the visualizations

After which we progressed to the Design Phase. During the design phase, our team started by creating concept sketches and wireframes that served as the foundation for the finalized infographic. After all design revisions have been completed, the final infographic is converted into the final product: Image file, PDF, web format, print, etc.

What Problem Did We Solve and How.

By creating the infographic, we helped simplify a complex message using data visualization as our process. One of many stories, the Army has much to say, but with such a vast history, it’s difficult to know where to begin. We provided a method to help solve the communication barrier of effectively communicating their message to the outside world.


4 Weeks

Discovery / Data Analysis: 1 Week
Ideation / Wireframes: 1 Week
Design: 1 Week
Finalize: 1 Week