Med Analytics MVP

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Project Scope

Med Analytics is a full-service medical billing company, with teams of billing and reimbursement employees who focus on medical equipment and medical service billing tasks. In addition, Med Analytics offers staff augmentation services, expanding on existing staff for practices around the country. Boost Labs was tasked with deep-diving into understanding the existing MVP digital product, which Med Analytics had already begun development on. In Phase 1 of our engagement, Boost Labs needed to rapidly improve the usability of the existing tool, making it more efficient and user friendly. Phase 2 of the project would involve adding new features and data, while increasing usability and ease of use.

Description and Work Performed

Boost Labs interviewed users, stakeholders, data specialists, and developers to understand the whole lifecycle of processes which could be improved. Our team conducted user surveys, and gathered quantitative and qualitative feedback to understand high focus areas for improvement. In Phase 1, Boost Labs designers created designs for revising the MVP, and developers built out the revised interactions, reducing from 8 screens to 5, and improving usability by reducing confusion and improving labels, buttons, etc.



Discovery / Data Analysis: 1 Month
Minimal Viable Product (MVP): 2 Months
MVP w/ New & Improved Report: 3 Months

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In Phase 2, Boost Labs designed and built-out all new functionality to increase value, even opening up all new windows to transparency of data relating to billing and resourcing. This view into the “behind-the-scenes’ data was previously non-existent and improved the product significantly. The team also improved the data architecture of the site, improving responsiveness and usability further. The overall user experience gained a large boost from these phases, and these builds placed Med Analytics’s product offering at a higher tier, competing with more enterprise competitors and adding value to their offerings.
Services We Provided
  • Data Visualization
  • Application Prototyping
  • UI/UX Design & Development
  • Product Development
Project Challenges

One challenge included daily interactions between teams in the US, Europe, and India. Besides timezone and meeting challenges, we also ran into some technical challenges surrounding the legacy systems and the new proposed data and front-end architecture. For instance, part of the new system was built on React, which needed to integrate into a legacy angular framework. The solution for this project was to re-design and re-build the MVP product, using React, and focusing on improving the user experience at the same time.

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