SEO Still Rules

SEO Still Rules

I know with so many “top 10 ways to get more business with social media” articles out there, that the last thing on everyone’s mind is SEO or SEM. But because I’m not the type to go with the natural order of things, I decided to show why SEO is still important to include in your online marketing campaign. So rather than bore you half to death with a drawn out article, I’ve included some visual aids…

This case study was created from the work we did for a client of ours. They weren’t ranking very well for their desired keywords and wanted to improve it to beat out their competition. One key element to this project was we didn’t have much in terms of a budget to work with, so it was pretty challenging to get the result we wanted without blowing out the pocket book.

End Result:

Exhibit A – Google Rank History

With a top position on Google, the traffic has been…Holy @#$!!t GOOD!

Exhibit B – Analytics

So it goes to show that a simple SEO program mixed in with a little creative content and a well designed/coded website, can lead to more traffic and more importantly… more sales.

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