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TopGear Infographic

The passion for cars runs deep in our corporate culture. In fact every one of our new career postings includes the phrase “passion for cars

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The goal with infographics (information graphics) utilization is to take a cluttered amount of data and present it in an understandable, organized, and aesthetically appealing

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Business Online Marketing 101 – How to Market Your Business Online. (MEGA Blog Post)

The title sounds stuffy, but I assure you the article won’t be (crossing fingers). Okay so where to begin? By now you’ve Googled your way through some level of knowledge when it comes to online marketing. As I’m sure you are pretty sick of seeing a “top 10 list” of ways to do things, I figure we would change it up and use bullet points instead of creating a numbered list…. (cue in laughs) So here goes nothing…

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Was Social Media Created Out of Necessity To Keep Humans Connected or Will it Keep Us Apart?

Before I started writing this post, I had one of my usual afternoon coffee break epiphany moments that got me thinking about technology and society. The main image that popped in my head is of a family, or should I say my family, sitting in the family room all in front of their personal devices (laptops, iphones, etc) and having no interactions with each other. Almost like zombies glued to their glowing lcd screens. Sounds like a Twilight Zone moment doesn’t it?

So knowing that we have amazing technology out there and more yet to come out, are we doomed to a life where all of our initial social interactions are handled via Facebook, Linkedin, mobile or other electronic outlets? Will family conversations, office conversations, or conversations in general no longer happen in person? Will it be better not have interactions in person? Will technology improve our social interactions and make us better at socializing with each other online and off?

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Mood Based Blog

In an attempt to create something unique, we decided to have fun and turn my blog into a “mood” based blog. Why? Well one of the issues that many people have while communicating on the internet is determining emotion of the individual doing the writing online. So we asked the question, “why can’t emotions be represented via design?”.

Welcome to what we believe is the first step to understanding a person’s mood surrounding a blog post or communication online in general.

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SEO Still Rules

I know with so many “top 10 ways to get more business with social media” articles out there, that the last thing on everyone’s mind is SEO or SEM. But because I’m not the type to go with the natural order of things, I decided to show why SEO is important, rather than bore you half to death with a drawn out article.

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