Touching and Feeling the web

Touching and Feeling the web

No, this article is not about Apple’s iPad and its ability to let you “touch” the web, however there are far reaching outcomes in web design resulting from that technology. Right now I’m just narrowing in on a specific aesthetic of web, print, and motion design – The new hand-made graphics. I recently posted an article about OKGO’s viral video, “This Too Shall Pass.” The video was filmed in one take, and This sort of hands-on approach creates an emotional and “I can-do-that” feeling, which for OKGO results in a large viral following. Last week Boost Labs went to the Tech Council of MD and gave a presentation on blogging. The visuals we used were created using hand-cut foam shapes, all trimmed and glued to give the appearance of televisions, people, and a blog site. There are countless examples of designers who have moved away from clean vector illustration and design, in favor of textural, photographed or scanned graphics. As a designer, I’m versed in the trends that surge through design and I don’t see this hands-on aesthetic being merely a fad. It’s really a throwback to a pre-digital world when designers hand-cut out type for posters and logos. The super clean Apple-esque design from the last 5 years has been the fad. Now designers are creating some very tangible, emotional websites, ads, commercials, etc with the new technologies (but not relying on them,) which learn from the cleanliness of Apple, while embracing the hands-on approach from generations past. I’m sure I’ll write about this topic more later, but for now here are a few examples of what I’m talking about…

Libresse – Design Edition Ad

Campaign Site – University of Borås

Portfolio Site – Dave Werner

The Blues Maker

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