Our mission: To bring meaning and clarity from complexity

About Us

Who We Are

We are experienced data analysts, innovative coders, and shrewd designers. We love creating ways to view data, interact with it, and share it in ways that gives you the power to bring diverse teams and stakeholders together to act in concert. We can uncover information – previously inaccessible – that gives you and your team the power to draw more accurate insights and solve previously unsolvable problems. We do this by creating smart, flexible, and even beautiful visual and technical solutions.

We work across sectors: with private industry, the federal government, and nonprofits.

How We Work

We attack each project head on. We start by analyzing your data and processes in partnership with you, learning all we can about your goals. Then, we build the architecture to support those goals and marry it with deceptively simple design. The technology we create enables you to learn more from your data and share it with others, across functions and levels, in whatever platform makes the most sense. Our solutions are precise, built to exacting standards, and platform agnostic.

But don’t take our word for it:

Interested in Learning More?

Jeff Chang

Managing Partner

Jeff Cheng

When it just has to be done on time – and done right, the first time – call Jeff. He excels at managing the multiple levels of complexity and the thousands of moving parts needed to solve your sophisticated data problem. Thanks to his twenty-five years in technology and his background of building and launching tech companies, he brings a high-level technical understanding to every project along with a constant focus on business results. Our clients love his ability to translate complex concepts into language anyone can understand. He is known for the efficient way he structures projects while clearly setting expectations throughout.  

Jeff is responsible for leading our company, maintaining excellent relationships with our clients, finding just the right high performers for our teams, and meticulous quality assurance. His top priority is to ensure that all work is done with integrity, accountability, and quality. Trusted by his team, customers, and colleagues, Jeff thrives on working with people and companies who are innovative, motivated, and passionate about what they do.

VP of Growth

Cynthia O'Connor

Cynthia excels in turning complex technology challenges into focused and deliverable solutions that help our clients increase market share. She is a problem-solving sales champion, consulting with customers, vendors and stakeholders to expand and stimulate new business for all involved. A methodical, consistent and initiative-taking high performer, Cynthia has proven expertise across a wide range of technologies. Our clients love her strong analytical skills and her drive to innovate, and value her ability to quickly understand and map the customer journey.

Cynthia leads the team’s business development strategy and is responsible for finding the perfect fit between clients’ needs and Boost Labs’ data story telling skills and solutions. She is a passionate advocate for our clients and a driving force to center the voice of the consumer in all projects.

cynthia 01
Kevin Ingalls

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Kevin Ingalls

Kevin is an expert at finding visual solutions to transform client objectives into cohesive and clear designs. With more than 15 years of experience in web design, identity and packaging, UI, and UX for television, web, and mobile devices, Kevin has helped industry leaders reimagine how they interact with their users. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, he keeps his finger on the pulse of design and technology trends and information design best practices. He strives to continuously innovate, question, and create while working with people who value top-notch design, data integrity, and the really cool – and fun – stuff that our teams can create. Kevin leads Boost Labs projects and design teams, seeing each project through from concept to execution.

Scott Cashon
Shayan Kheradmand

Visionary Team

Our teams consist of a variety of backgrounds including business, data science, software development, and design that operate together to convert ideas into great digital products.