Digital Product Leaders have Vision, We Help Make That Vision Happen

Executing on data digital product ideas requires experience, teamwork, and efficient processes. Boost Labs has been executing this for over a decade.​

What We Do

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A picture is worth a thousand words. A strong visual is worth a million data points. We create deceptively simple visuals of complex data with just the right numbers to get that immediate flash of understanding.

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If you want innovative user interface solutions that set you apart from competitors, look no further. We solve application interaction challenges with top-notch design that improves usability, engagement, adoption, satisfaction, and retention.

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You can have all the information in the world, but it means little if you can’t communicate it well. That’s why we create custom analytics applications to enhance your business intelligence efforts.

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Transform your vision into an innovative analytics product. We help clients formulate baseline requirements through ideation sessions, design concepts, validate via focus group sessions, code, test, and launch new data products into production.

What Our Clients Say

"The Global Trends in Investor Relations report went out on Monday and we are getting great feedback. Much of the credit is due to your team and all your hard work. It’s been a pleasure working with Boost Labs on the report and we look forward to working with you on other projects. Thank You!"
IR Department
BNY Mellon
"Energy efficiency can be a tricky concept to illustrate. Boost Labs was able to take our data and interpret it in a novel and visually engaging way, taking line and bar graphs and turning them into a compelling story. The result was a viral infographic that made a great argument for investing in energy efficiency. We couldn’t be happier! If you want to work with the pros, call Boost Labs."
Eric Schwass
"Boost Labs excels at developing infographics that really illustrate complex concepts. They took the very technical and rather abstract ideas of engineers and depicted them in a way that is accessible to any audience, yet still demonstrates sophistication. The development process was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced with this level of complexity. The Boost team successfully bridged the gap between the technical and the creative, and the result was a set of memorable, attractive, accurate and functional infographics. Our client, who is very happy with the final product, has used the infographics in new business presentations and meetings to say with pictures what even 1,000 words would not describe."
Monica Parham
Northrop Grumman
"Boost Labs have worked to provide us with highly innovative visualizations that communicate progress and performance in a far more understandable manner. The reception by the market of this cutting-edge technique has been tremendous. Needless to say, this has given us great confidence during our presentations that we’re keeping the attention of the audience and our messages are being understood. An important distinction of Boost Labs though is their ability to develop the database and software to automate our reports and website, as well as the unique visualizations found throughout them. This greatly enhanced our efficiency in the production of these materials."
Chad M., Investment Management
Carmel Partners
"Our organization, has been conducting periodic surveys and support a large quantity of data. Boost Labs helped us visualize these survey results by building an outstanding, web-based application. The tool is not only top quality and easy to use; it conveys the complex, multi-year survey results concisely and powerfully for the users. My experience with Boost Labs has been excellent in every aspect. They are very courteous and responsive to customer needs, and they continuously demonstrate the highest level of integrity, expertise, and professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending or continuing to use Boost Labs now or in the future."
Government Client
"Thank You to the team at Boost Labs for using their supreme Data Visualization techniques to turn my terribly amateur artwork and idea into a fully functioning interactive 3D visualization of Ship / Deck / Stateroom consumer demand patterns"
Matt Maule

Technology Expertise

Our teams have extensive experience installing, implementing, and working within various technology frameworks. We are a technology agnostic company and help our clients architect the strongest data strategies for each specific need.