Digital Product UI/UX Design

Our goal is to optimize UX and UI to maximize business performance

UX design focuses on the end-to-end user experience within a digital product. UI design focuses on the visual experience of a digital product, such as typefaces, colors, and animations.


Solving big problems requires getting knowledgeable stakeholders together. Ideas aren’t real when they’re stuck in our heads, so we work collaboratively to extract those ideas into sketches, and test those ideas in a respectful team environment. Boost Labs has coordinated countless sketching/ideation sessions and we know you’ll find these sessions among the best use of your team’s time.

Style Guides/Design Systems

Thinking and acting with scalability in mind avoids inefficiencies. There is no point to reinventing the wheel for every project, nor is there a point to losing valuable design solutions. Our approach is to utilize artifacts from existing style guides & design systems where it makes sense. We also document new style guides & design systems when that is more appropriate.

Interactive Wireframing

Wireframes capture ideas and solutions, and are an outline for users’ experiences through a digital product to align teams. They include rough layout, content, navigation, and features. Interactivity adds an important dimension to bring wireframes to life. The result is even more cohesive, valuable, and understandable blueprints for your digital product.

Design Mockups

Design mockups take wireframes to another level by adding grid systems, branding, color, typography, and user-interface library elements. Design Mockups are useful when defining a product’s look-and-feel is needed, or for prototyping purposes.

User Research & Testing

Users are the end-customer of digital products. Their needs, pain-points, and desires determine how successful a digital product will be. At every milestone, we incorporate user feedback and empathize with their needs and requests. Boost Labs leverages many different user feedback tools, applying the best method based on the need.