Our Process

“It was a pleasure working with Boost Labs. You are masters of digital product strategy. Thanks to the talent and huge experience in understanding data and user experience. We reached great design solutions!”
— Client Testimonial

We work with our clients in a collaborative process to build products through rapid prototyping and continuous testing. The result is a multi-disciplinary team making things the right way.

Bring Meaning & Clarity From Complexity

The core principle of effective design relies on making things clear, not just making them work. The key is to avoid building a complex hodgepodge of product features, but instead strive to deliver clear, intuitive products customers fall in love with.

Early and Often

Our clients are invited into the design process and have a front-row seat to critique and test designs. We don’t waste time on big one-off presentations; We favor constant collaboration.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Successful digital products requires alignment between data & technology strategies, business goals, and UI/UX design. Each of these pillars is represented throughout each product and ensures forward-looking planning.

Augment and Compliment

You know your business best. Each project gets assigned a cross-functional team tailored to integrate with your internal talent to compound expertise. The result is an efficient dream team complete with institutional knowledge.

User Testing
& Validation

Building successful digital products requires flexibility, so our model allows for testing and validating assumptions at every phase. This process ensures the deployment of a bug-free, functional, accepted product which delights users.

Data Rigor

Digital products rely on data to be trusted and effective. We vigorously ensure that data remains applicable, flexible, consistent, and dependable.