Digital Product Strategy

We help clients define lasting digital strategies

and we bring those strategies to market through Agile and Design Thinking methodologies.
At each milestone, we put ideas through three tests, and adjust strategy where needed:
1. Desirability
Is the product a must-have for users to solve the correct problems?
2. Feasibility
Is the product able to be built, using current business capabilities, and utilize core operational strengths?
3. Viability
Will the product fit with the way users want to use and pay for the solution to derive value? Is there long-term scalability/ sustainability to the product?


This is the strategic process of mapping out the actions, steps, and resources needed to accomplish specific product goals. Mapping business goals to specific time intervals sets guidance for the team to accomplish measurable improvements iteratively. Good roadmaps align teams toward a strategically advantageous sequence of milestones.

UI/UX Design

Digital products are for users and solving their pain-points and delivering on their needs is paramount. UX design focuses on the end-to-end user experience with a digital product. UI design focuses on the visual experience of a digital product, such as typefaces, colors, and animations.


You have this great product idea—Do not let it go dormant like most great ideas. Converting ideas into reality takes courage, resources, time and commitment. Boost Labs teams are experts at gathering idea-generating team members to document those good ideas into visual sketches. Sketches are used to socialize those ideas to confirm understanding and align teams.

Product Prototyping

A prototype is an early working model to test your product idea. A prototype should only have the minimal amount of features as absolutely needed to gain user feedback and ascertain how desirable, feasible, and viable a product may be, before making any large time or budget commitments.

User Research

Our proven user research and testing methods enable a true evaluation of your product with real users and empowers our teams with a clear understanding of audience behavior and a path toward user acceptance for your product.