Data Visualization

2017 Data Visualization Trends

With the start of a new year, comes new trends emerging within Data Visualization.  We are already seeing many new trends developing within internet-of-things (IoT), augmented reality, automation and machine learning, and of course: big data.

For those already leveraging data visualization or starting to see it as a profitable asset to organization growth and decision-making, here are three trends that we see within the data visualization space.

  1. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) becomes as equally important as the data itself – The goal of data visualization is to present complex datasets in a way that helps key stakeholders and decision makers understand the data.  Application UI/UX will be tailored so that the data is not too difficult or too elementary for each audience to navigate and consume. The data visualization application UI/UX will be scalable and kept simple to meet the demands of it audiences, but have dynamic characteristics that adjust to different interfaces.
  2. The ability to tell a narrative data story becomes a hot skillset – Many data analysts have strong skillsets in economics, mathematics and statistics, but the ability to tell a compelling data story is still lacking. Communication skills are needed to effectively turn insights and numbers into a narrative story. You will see a demand for data analysts with both statistical and communication skillsets.
  3. Data will be treated as currency – Organizations will invest in data products whether it will be an information dashboard, automated report or data visualization app. They will see that visualizing the narrative data story to their stakeholders and customers will drive up revenue.  As big data becomes a driver of revenue, organizations will begin to restructure to take advantage of these data opportunities.

We see where data visualization trends are headed for 2017 and looking forward to pushing the limits of what’s possible. Let’s see what is possible with your big data.

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