Data and Analytics

Analytics and Human Beings

On a daily basis, I go through analytical data in order to see how certain technology enhancements are getting us closer to achieving specific goals online. Truth is when reviewing data, sometimes I feel like a doctor heading towards retirement referring to patients as cases, not real human beings. Maybe it’s because each visitor is identified by an IP address, not a real name. The fact is, this can be very dangerous. Remembering that real human beings are visiting your website, blog, landing page, facebook profile, youtube profile, etc sometimes changes your perspective on what sort of enhancements need to take place on your web presence or even your brand to really engage them properly.

Don’t let your analytical data change the fact that real humans are experiencing your brand online. Numbers are great, but the meaning behind those numbers will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Don’t just throw away more money towards advertising and promotion. Chances are the human beings in your data are telling you something.. you just need to listen. Lastly, don’t be afraid to really experiment. You might be one brilliant idea away from really attracting the people you want.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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