Data As A Strategic Asset: 5 Dashboards Give Immediate Access To Deeper Data Insights

If any of your teams are still building reports in Excel, you know you need a better data analytics solution. A national company with more than 8,000 employees asked us to work with their chief data officer on a digital transformation project, to completely revamp how their HR team accessed, analyzed, and reported data. The CDO’s requests:

  • Better metrics that more accurately captured the health and performance of the HR function
  • Robust dashboards so that more members of their HR department could dig into the data to glean better and more actionable insights, fast
  • Immediate access to continuously updated topline reports to run the HR function more efficiently

Our goal, as always, was to create dashboards that are intuitive, useful, and engaging – and meet the needs of a wide variety of users. We started by creating a list of stakeholders who would need to use, analyze, and interpret the data, from the HR managers who would be delving into the data to the executive team who needed fast, top-line insights and informative key performance indicators. Then, we worked with the team to determine the insights needed on a daily basis – self-serve, continuously updated. We assessed the team’s skills with data reporting tools and then designed the UX and built five core dashboards within Tableau. Each dashboard has filters to drill into specific data stories to help end-users uncover unique insights.

Before this year, members of the HR team used Excel to filter, slice, and check data. Templated charts and graphs in Excel were clipped and shared with the company’s executive team. Now, anyone with the right level of access can log into one URL and access five rich dashboards that include interactive charts with filters, allowing members of the HR team and senior executives to instantly interrogate up-to-the-minute HR data in any way they please.

As a result, the entire department can quickly access the data and insights they need to run the HR function more efficiently, and senior executives can better track and monitor performance and step in as needed to help problem-solve to get better results. In addition to the value provided to the company – faster insights that lead to better performance throughout the organization – the digital transformation project saved an enormous amount of time: more than ten hours per week, freeing up HR staff’s time to focus on identifying ideal candidates and improving performance throughout the company. Users love using the new dashboards, and now do so more often.

If you’re a CDO who needs an intuitive, engaging solution to help with your company’s digital transformation, or you are looking for ways to increase efficiencies throughout your organization by giving the right people immediate access to better data, contact us. We’d love to help.

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