Viral Video

Kings of viral video, OKGO – This Too Shall Pass

If you’re a fan of the previous OKGO viral online music videos, you’ll love this one. Teaming up with State Farm Insurance to produce and directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs, the video was filmed in a two story warehouse in LA. The Rube-Goldberg device was designed and built by the band members, along with Syyn Labs over several months.

Update: There’s another official video for the same song – Click here for the video featuring the Notre Dame marching band.

Again OKGO take a simple idea, similar to the Honda Accord Cog Commercial and take it to the next level. They integrated the song’s beats and lyrics into the device and hold onto their impressively artistic style throughout including a paint-covered acknowledgment to the number of times they must have run through the process. There’s also a four-part making-of series as well. This type of immersion into the creative process is a defining characteristic of OKGO and has helped catapult them into major success. The lessons don’t end here – We can all learn from this example and dive head first into great ideas. Bringing entertainment to a worldwide audience might seem daunting, but it’s as simple as a good idea and lots of devotion.

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