Monetize Your Data: How A Dashboard Added Immediate Value

Are you looking for real-time access to easy-to-read reports and data or a self-serve option for your clients? We’ve got you covered. Recently, we worked with a health and wellness company to transform their reports from internal Excel documents into intuitive client-facing dashboards that integrate seamlessly into their process and products. Now, the company’s clients can act quickly to make better decisions – and our client saves time and money while increasing sales.

Boost Labs was approached by the data analytics team of the health and wellness company, which provides an online smoking cessation program with e-learning and support. Clients of the company offer the program to employees who sign up for the 15-step program, read articles, participate in the online community, and get support from a coach as they advance through the program. Graduates of the program receive a payout from their employer and health insurance company for stopping smoking and the employers benefit from a healthier, more productive staff.

Before, our client’s data team sent periodic reports in Excel to let their clients know which employees were participating in the program and who should receive a payout. Our team analyzed this process and recommended a short project to quickly increase the value of the smoking cessation program. We worked closely with our client’s data team to automate the reporting process by creating self-service dashboards in Tableau that became an integral part of the smoking cessation process. The benefit to our client:

  • Buyers’ perception of the program’s effectiveness immediately improved, thanks to the elevated look and feel of the reports and real-time access to data.
  • The company realized a massive reduction in headaches and time spent. Before, it might take two or three members of the team two to four hours to create each report. If you pay your data experts an average of $75 per hour, sending monthly reports to 100 clients could cost you more than $675,000 per year.
  • Our client’s sales team now has new, attractive features to show off to prospects.
  • Employers can now act more quickly, using better data, to intervene and support employees who are struggling to quit smoking.
  • The automated dashboards eliminate the need for our client’s data team to drop everything to respond to key clients’ requests for ad hoc reports.

What we heard from our client is how the team appreciated the value delivered by the project, a result of Boost Labs’ four pillars approach, combining our knowledge of data, technology, business, and design. Many traditional firms focus on design. We agree completely that great design – and our great designers – are essential. However, a truly effective, high-value data monetization project also requires:

  • Understanding data complexities and how to apply today’s best practices to carefully clean and vet data
  • Expertise in the myriad of technologies needed to create streamlined, accurate reporting and the experience to advise and recommend which technologies are the best fit
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for business operations and the ability to integrate reporting into our clients’ processes

If you are a chief data officer or key member of the data team who wants to monetize more of your data or use more of your data as a strategic asset, contact us. We’re known for delivering high-value projects that will make your teams smile. If you know that your data isn’t quite ready, reach out anyway. We have helped many of our clients with an initial project to ensure data integrity and establish an authoritative data source.


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