OK GO, Kings of Viral do it again

OK GO, Kings of Viral do it again

If it’s not clear by now, we really love this group. These guys are not only great musicians but designers, performance artists, and web marketers. Their viral videos have swept the internet for a while now. Their latest creation, “End Love” shows the rock band performing choreography in a park where they dance through the evening, over night, and into the morning. We’ve seen OK GO invite the viewer into the behind-the-scenes work before, and this video is no exception. They celebrate the production process by showing shadows from the crew, and performing the video experiment through the night, where the band members jump in sleeping bags and sleep in fast motion. The other ingredient to their web success has been their uncompromising push for allowing access to their videos. They fired their old production company over legal rights to their work, and they’ve enabled embedding their latest videos and you can even download this one for free from their YouTube page. Go Ok Go!

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