Vietnam War Veterans Day

Vietnam War Veterans Day

The consequences of the Vietnam War (1954-1975) are still felt today. Millions of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians perished, as did thousands of American, South Korean, Australian, Thai, and New Zealand soldiers. Veterans who served during the Vietnam War remember their comrades and time in combat. A memorial in Washington DC holds the names of nearly 60,000 members of the armed forces who died or went missing during the war. But the day isn’t about celebrating the violence and casualties. Today is about honoring and supporting the veterans who suffered trauma on and off the battlefield.

Many veterans are in need and you can help.

Data can support veterans

Because of the initial treatment of returning soldiers, many veterans suffer mental and physical illness, substance abuse, and homelessness. About 11% of Vietnam War vets have continued to suffer PTSD over the decades and it’s only in recent years we’ve scientifically identified the condition. And though these issues will persist, data analytics is being used to alleviate the severity of the problem. With better data, efforts to improve conditions for veterans are showing progress. Not only does data analytics help organize veteran and resource data, it helps connect the information to the people trying to help. Data insights uncover better solutions that have real impacts on infrastructural and social change.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial features the names of fallen soldiers. Plan a visit, find a name in the database, volunteer, or simply spread awareness about veteran aid.

If there’s an event in your area, you can attend and meet veterans. Support an organization or, if you know a veteran, help them gain information on benefits.

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