Data Visualization / Infographic Webinar on Data Visualization and Infographics in Government

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Recently our CEO, Ali Allage participated in a webinar with (Data Visualization and Infographics in Government) to talk about how infographics and data visualization play an important role with the President’s Open Government initiative and how agencies can use visualization to help fulfill that initiative. Ali focused on the characteristics of a good infographic/data visualization within his presentation, as well as, discuss the basic process in developing the story from data to produce the end visual product.

A major component to this webinar was the specific experiences from each of the other panel members. Their experiences helped shed light on their usage of infographics as government employees. Specific challenges and successes each panel member experienced in order to fulfill their mission was discussed during the presentation.

Wayne Kei, who works as Chief of Communications and Data Dissemination Section in the Statistics of Income division of the IRS, uses infographics to better visualization income statistics to various SOI customers. Audrey Buehring, who serves as the Deputy Director for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, describes how using infographics had an indirect way of achieving a 1 million dollar investment towards the AAPI community. Earlene Dowell, who is the Lead Technical Marketing and Training Consultant for LEHD Program for the Center for Economic Studies of the U.S. Census Bureau, showcased LEHD’s usage of dynamic visualizations to represent complex data within a geographical sandbox. : Data Visualization and Infographics in Government

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