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Does Coffee Fuel Creativity?

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At Boost Labs, we are very passionate about our work in social media. Every second of everyday if we are not brainstorming really cool ideas for our clients, we are sipping on something that is caffeinated. Which got me to think…is our caffeine intake encouraging our creativity?

To test the theory out, I decided to run a little observation experiment to see if caffeine is our secret for awesome ideas. So here are the results for everyone out there who cares:

Meeting#1 (No Caffeine-Right After Lunch) – I noticed that enthusiasm needed to be built up a little at the start of the meeting. Everyone coming in were dragging their feet. Being caffeinated myself, I used my exuberance to motivate the troops… oh wait… I shouldn’t have been caffeinated… dam. Anyways moving on, the ideas were following at the meeting, but it required more effort to get out. So in the end the meeting took longer and wasn’t as high energy as it could have been.

Meeting # 2 (Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee-Right After Lunch) – Wow what a difference. High energy, loads of creativity, tons of ideas, and all within a very short amount of a time. Can’t say most of the ideas were any good, but there were definitely a lot of them….

Conclusion: I don’t think caffeine really improves creativity in our case. It just seems to provide a lot of ideas in a very short amount of time regardless if they are any good. My solution: Just have morning meetings, instead of right after lunch.

Now where’s my coffee? 🙂

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