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Earthquakes, The Office, and Other Complex Data That Affect Your Daily Life

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Data affects us every day and not just in a “target online customers with segmented marketing” kind of way that businesses care more about. Data analytics is used for most things in our life, even when we can’t tell. Almost everything in our modern lives revolve around data.¬†Making analytics and visualization all the more important.


Just last week, Southern California was hit with 2 of the strongest earthquakes it’s seen in years. Californians are no stranger to earthquakes, but the pair of 6.4 and 7.1 quakes were unfamiliar because of how strong the second one was. The second quake was about 11 times stronger than the first one, which doesn’t happen often.¬†Better data over the years has helped scientists realize that there’s a higher chance of multiple faults to rupture and a 1 in 20 chance of the initial quake triggering a stronger one. Scientists are working to figure out tectonic shifts as best they can so they can make more accurate earthquake forecasts (not predictions) and improve preparations efforts. It’s probably safe to say Californians and other seismologists want better earthquake data analytics.

Fan favorites

To the dismay of many viewers, Netflix announced that the hit series “The Office” would no longer be available on its platform starting in 2021 and “Friends” would only stay until the end of 2019. Netflix is a huge platform but can it survive the loss of 2 major shows that make up more than 7% and 4% (respectively) of all views. Out of the thousands of titles in its catalog, it’s amazing how popular the NBC sitcoms are. But “The Office” wasn’t always such a hit. After facing a cancellation early on, it eventually ended after 9 seasons and gained cultural momentum among younger fans through Netflix. “The Office” became more iconic through streaming, providing waves of big data Netflix used to allocate funds towards original content. Successful original content means the platform will easily survive the loss of contracts with companies that own shows like “Friends” and “The Office” (and save millions each year). Netflix will save nearly $1 billion over the next 5 years by not paying for the 2 shows and will be able to invest more money in original content (so many aren’t worried about its future).

A storm’s brewing…

Earlier this week, meteorologists predicted a tropical storm would form in the Gulf of Mexico and sure enough, Tropical Storm Barry has brought heavy rain, tornado warnings, and flooding to Louisiana. Before the storm even developed, meteorologists forecasted it would become a stronger hurricane. Meteorologists use a combination of live and historic data to track atmospheric changes and visualize more accurate forecasts. This is how we’re able to get weather app updates and prepare for disasters, like rising river levels and flood safety protocols.

Using data helps

There’s a reason why data has consumed the world and organizations look for more data talent. We constantly contribute and consume data. Not only is it a crucial part of growing business, it’s a necessary tool to improve our own lives.

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