Gene Therapy Lies and The Start of A Data War

Image of spilled drug capsules

You may feel panicked about this week’s data concerns, but there’s a silver lining. Like most any other data sets, gaining more information gives us the ability to identify key insights for our own sake. Knowing what happens to our data and bringing it under the microscope can be a catalyst for change.

Just the beginning

We’re sick of hearing about data breaches but the just won’t stop. This issue has become so sensational that even social media giants are attempting to show signs of good faith. Is it just a way to alleviate tension and prevent a brand crash? Probably, but it’s also a sign of change.

This week, Twitter admitted they shared user data without permission and that they’e working to eliminate outside data for ad-buying. This means advertisers can no longer buy user data from other services. Third-party data companies have long supplied advertising with the means to target consumers, usually without our knowledge. Instagram banned a startup after it collected user data in a way that violated Instagram’s terms of use. While the startup maintains innocence, Instagram is holding its ground and continuing to take legal action.

Even considering the PR angle these tech giants are spinning, the idea of a data scandal is so alarming that they’re willing to goto such lengths. If we keep pushing, we can see results. 

Data deception

Data breaches aren’t the only thing to worry about right now. AveXis, a biotechnology company focused on gene therapy, may face some serious serious for lying about their data. After having been approved by the FDA, AveXis revealed data manipulations and inaccuracies in the creation of its new drug for spinal muscular atrophy therapy. AveXis claims the manipulations are minute enough that the end result would not have changed, but no one knows for sure if the

This isn’t the first time a biotech company has lied about its data (and probably won’t be the last) and it just shows how often corporations lie about data. In the end, customers, retailers, investors, and employees end up paying the price. 

What now?

Knowing how companies use our data is the first step towards transparency and consumer safety. And knowing how your business should be handling data is key. 

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