Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Guinness branded beer


Saint Patrick’s Day originated from Ireland as a day to observe their patron saint, St. Patrick. (Check out some historical information about Saint Patrick).

But by the way of commercialization, the holiday has become something entirely different around the world. From wearing green to enjoying Guinness or Irish whiskey, people around the world (Irish or not) find ways to celebrate.

In fact, drinking is such a popular way to observe the day that Americans spend $245 million on beer. Luckily for marketers and sellers, there’s been a growing audience and more industries (like transportation apps) can partake in the promotional festivities.

Dangerous drinking

The holiday can be exceptionally fun, but equally dangerous. Drunk driving is a common issue around holidays and March 17th is no different. Collisions and fatalities rise during Saint Patrick’s Day. And as a binge-drinking day, many people compromise their health by causing severe hangovers (if it’s that bad, your body is in pain) and alcohol poisoning.

So drink responsibly and use a designated driver! Take advantage with these promos from ride share services.


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