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Data visualization showing 2010 blogs by nation

The goal with infographics (information graphics) utilization is to take a cluttered amount of data and present it in an understandable, organized, and aesthetically appealing form.

Infographics take data and meshes it with design in hopes of making something easier to understand for the viewer. They’re much more common than you think and most of us see it everyday. When we check the weather, it is usually displayed in a table with clouds, sunshine, rain, snow, etc. — well, that is an infographic representation of data in regards to weather.

When looking at an infographic design, you could ask it a multitude amount of questions with only one visual interpretation of data. For example, when you’re looking at a weather forecast you can get answers to many questions:

  • What’s the weather like tomorrow?
  • What’s the high? The low?
  • What are the chances of rain throughout the week?
  • How strong are the winds going to be?
  • And so forth…

With web technologies getting more and more advanced, infographics have evolved from static images to interactive web applications. The basic form can be shown in a weather forecast as well. You can set parameters such as: 10 day, 7 day, 3 day, and hourly forecasts.

Interactive infographics are a great innovation because it allows the designer/programmer of the infographic to incorporate more data into a single design; however, it does take much longer to create. Unlike static image infographics, an interactive infographic requires not only design but also programming and a little more brainstorming. It must programmatically work and be designed to be aesthetically appealing — it can’t have any hiccups with loading designs and data.

With dawn of a new information age, Data will only grow larger and difficult to manage. With so much data floating around, using Inforgraphics as the first step will allow data to make sense.

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