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It’s National Pi Day!

Image of a pie with pi symbol


In school we learn that Pi is an irrational, infinite number and is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. There’s no limit to the famous number or its impact on the world.

But there’s more to National Pi Day than you think…

It’s not just for math lovers

You don’t need to be a mathematician to enjoy the significance of Pi Day. If you’re in the marketing field, you’ll know the customer data surrounding promotions is growing and so are the opportunities. The Pi Day marketing celebration is relatively new, but consumer data has turned it into a business opportunity.

Data has been able to measure growing interest in the holiday and the subsequent conversation.

Grubhub data reveals customer insights such as:

  • Apple pie is the most popular pie (191% more )
  • Deep dish sausage appears to be the most popular pizza
  • And vegetarian pizza options are on the rise

The data is changing because we’re reacting to the holiday. So who knows how today’s Pi Day data insights will shape future Pi Days.


Participating in promotions and web searches expand the data pool and could change how organizations approach National Pi Day in 2020.

How will you spend National Pi Day today? Start by checking out these pizza pie and pastry pie deals!

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