It’s Not Just Analytics Methods That Change, Data Is Transforming Too

Close up picture of speakers


Have you ever imagined being able to send and receive data through over-ear sound? Scientists have recently succeeded in embedding data into music and playing it (only the music is audible) so devices within range can receive hidden data. This new form of audio steganography potentially has a wide range of use, like dispersing encryption keys for spying purposes. For now, there’s no projection for mass data transfer but experts agree that there’s potential. It could easily disperse Wi-fi passwords since we already have microphones and speakers in our smartphones. Public spaces like malls and street-side shops that play music can transform into data hubs. 

  • How can this new data be used?
  • Can it be analyzed?
  • In what ways can data further change?
  • Does this change the way we handle data?

But this isn’t just about dispersing information. This may very well alter the data analytics and visualization field, which makes it more important to stay informed about data.

There’s a reason why more companies are looking to hire more data people and it means organizations need to invest in the growing world of data analytics. 

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