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New Year, New AI

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We’ve seen a variety of successful and unsuccessful tech endeavors in 2018. Now, it’s time to get ready for everything 2019 has to offer, especially AI. What will change how we handle AI this year? Data. Data from failed AI applications and more sources. It’s not always obvious, but AI is growing at an incredibly fast rate with endless possibilities. This year, we’ll likely see a wider variety of AI applications with even bigger impacts.

New Directions

So where is AI headed? Just about every field where we can collect data. Poachers kill around 35,000 elephants every year which can and might eventually result in extinction. So Intel helped design TrailGuard AI to detect poacher movement and alert reserve authorities for better protection.

If AI can grow to curtail the dangerous black market trading that promotes poaching and help protect endangered animals, isn’t that a good indicator of applicability? Still not convinced? On the other end of the spectrum, AI can also be weaponized. In an age where unmanned drones have changed the way nations battle, it seems only natural that AI can be used for warfare. However, AI isn’t easily achieved if you don’t engage with your data.


While AI evolves, many businesses and industries haven’t been able to keep up with the data. Companies that don’t or can’t integrate big data with data technology are missing out.

Source: NVP 2019 Survey – Forbes

Retail is a rapidly changing industry with new tech, but why have businesses left the potential $340 billion in cost-savings on the table? Many companies simply can’t adapt quickly enough to new data tech.

Data Never Stops

We can’t be completely sure what AI will become and change, but we can be sure it won’t stop anytime soon. Data is an absolute in today’s world and understanding data is a must. If you’re doubtful of AI success, think about the AI unit that learned to lie to its human handlers. In order to “successfully” complete its task, the system intentionally hid data. That’s an accurate reflection of human behavior if anything and one step closer to real AI sentience.

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