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New Year’s Eve Safety

Happy near years celebration


Christmas festivities are over but there’s still one more holiday to look out for. Have plans for New Year’s Eve? Then take some time to look at year-end data and make your holiday a safe one.

On the road

By now, it’s obvious that any holiday during the fall and winter months mean a lot of traveling. Crowds are expected when traveling, as are reckless drivers. Drinking alcohol is a guaranteed experience during the New Year celebration, which explains why car accidents increase more than 70% between December 31 and January 1. Drug and alcohol impaired driving are common culprits behind the increase of fatal accidents around the New Year holiday.

Already planning on drinking? Designate a sober driver or find an alternative ride. Rideshare services are gearing up for the holidays so it’s a good time to plan ahead if you’ll be drinking (and save some money). The end of the calendar year can be dangerous for everyone when drivers are reckless, so protect yourself and others by traveling responsibly.

*Check out more resources about impaired driving and travel safe.

At home

The holidays can affect you even in your own home. Need a babysitter for your kids? Get ready to pay extra. Data shows New Year’s Eve is the biggest night for babysitters. Due to the high demand, sitters will increase their hourly rates, meaning you’ll be out more money than expected. And speaking of money, your spending can increase based on which city you’re in. Businesses and services might charge extra to accommodate larger crowds, so budget wisely.

Beware of illegal celebratory gunfire and fireworks that might go on in your neighborhood. The combination of alcohol and general festivities doesn’t make for good judgement. You can point that gun into the sky and end up killing someone. Fireworks are no safer and can also result in death (as well as serious burns and injuries).

*Do not fire guns into the air and do not use fireworks without precautions.

Have fun, stay safe

From the Boost Labs team, have an amazing New Year’s Eve and be on the lookout for new content in 2019!

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