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Our TopGear Infographic Published in August Issue of TopGear UK Magazine

Magazine cover of topgear

We are car people and being car people our water cooler conversations are dominated by car talk. On this particular Monday morning, we had a lot to talk about. For us TopGear UK is our favorite automotive program and when we can grab a copy of the magazine we read it cover to cover. Using the information learned, we add it to the ammo of knowledge for our next water cooler automotive debate. With this much passion behind cars and TopGear, we felt that the data on all the cars tested on TopGear’s test track was so large that it needed to be visualized. Little did we know that not only was it a hit at our office, but TopGear also liked it as well. So much so that they published it in their August issue!! We are truly excited and honored that our work is mixed in with the great content the magazine produces. TopGear Rules!!

Interactive Visualization:

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