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Technology Agnosticism Is Necessary for Great Data Visualization Apps

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We immerse ourselves in data, because we love to solve complex data visualization problems for our clients and their stakeholders. In the data visualization industry, there are many tools to help accomplish complex problem-solving, but as the landscape of big data grows, it is becoming difficult for one solution to solve all data needs. Because of this, we have adopted the “technologically agnostic” model from the beginning which simply means using different tools and platforms, whether together or independently, to solve complex problems.

Being technology agnostic, we have found open-source technology is one of the greatest assets for great data visualization apps, because

  1. Open-source software’s original source code is available for distribution and modification, so we have the flexibility to build data visualization apps that are tailored to your needs.
  2. And we can choose the right open-source solution based on technology, system and security requirements because open-source is scalable. Your data visualization app will have the right engine “under the hood” to power it.

How Does Technology Agnosticism Benefit You?

We meet with you to discuss your data and data sources and then build a data visualization app using the right tools around your goals and needs, instead of compromising your end-product to fit within a certain tool. As your big data grows, your goals will change and we make sure your data visualization app is scalable to meet those demands.

We have had several companies approach us and ask if we can enhance, update or maintain their current data visualization app. Many times, we have found that the app was built from a single, proprietary platform (often with an annual license fee) which has source code restrictions. This leaves a company in a bind. Do they continue paying for a app that restricts capabilities as their big data evolves or do they invest in a new app that will grow with their big data? Don’t put yourself in this situation. If you need a data visualization app and are looking at different platforms and data visualization firms, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Ask about their development model. Do they exclusively work with one or two tools or do they take a technologically agnostic approach? It is important that your end-product will not be cornered because proprietary restrictions.
  • Ask about their approach to long-term scability. Do they have a service level agreement to maintain the product or do they normally hand over the keys and walk away?
  • Ask for case studies. If they do not have case studies on their website, ask for them. Case studies are a great way to see how their client’s need, how they approached the problem, implemented the solution and which the tools they used.

Data visualization firms that use a technological agnostic approach tend to offer the best solution because they have the freedom to build great data apps. It is important to find the right firm for a successful data visualization app.

How can we bring your data visualization app to reality?

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