Smoking Cessation Dashboards

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Project Scope

Hooli is an alias for a real organization devoted to improving health and wellbeing by inspiring the cessation of smoking, vaping, & nicotine. Smoking cessation not only benefits those who quit, but also employers and health insurance companies, who partially pay the burden of time and health costs associated with smoking. A new program was launched to incentivize and help employees who wish to quit smoking or vaping follow through, and is paid for through insurance and employer channels. Employers subscribe to the program and desire to track employee goals and progress.

Initially, the program required account managers to manually create reports for employers displaying the status of employees in the system. This process was time consuming, and limited in its abilities to report time-sensitive data. When data is old, payouts and other incentives for employees are reduced, and participants who could use a helping hand go unnoticed.

Description of Work Performed

Boost Labs was tasked with understanding the data problems associated with reporting these security sensitive personally identifiable data points in a timely manner across a secure platform. Additionally, it had to be easy to use, as the dashboards have to serve Executives, HR Managers, as well as internal account managers, all of whom need to quickly and accurately understand the main data points. Who is in the system? Which people are having difficulty? Which people have completed the program since the last round of incentives? Which steps in the program are providing the most resistance? What incentives can we anticipate will need to be paid out in the near future? These are just a few of the questions which Boost Labs designed the platform to must be answered quickly, and intuitively for users.


The chosen platform was built on Tableau visualizations, and embedded within the web platform, which is built on React. Tableau is a strong platform for data calculations and visualization possibilities when server-side processing is an advantage.



Discovery / Data Analysis: 2 weeks
Design: Agile, 3 Months
Development: Agile, 3 Months

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Services We Provided
  • Product Strategy
  • Data Visualization
  • Application Building
  • UI/UX Design & Development
  • Front-End & Back-End Development
  • Data Architecture
Project Challenges

Verifying that calculated data is correct can be a challenge, especially when multiple layers of calculations occur within the ETL, and front-end visualizations. Add the complexity of security protocols with handling PII (personally identifiable information) and this challenge compounds. The Boost Labs team initiated a process of documenting every calculation, and holding frequent meetings between Boost Labs and client data experts in order to finalize and document all calculations. This process also empowers our client to own their platform going forward.

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