Cruise Ship Visualization Prototype

celebrity ship v4.1 browser
Complexity and Work Performed

This particular client faced an ongoing challenge: How to know when there are problems with cruise bookings? Are bookings for our cruises on track with what we expect? Are our prices set to meet the demand of staterooms of various classes?

These were all concerns that we chose to solve via an interactive internal dashboard application for them. Users can now log in, and see real-time updates to bookings for each cruise, and sailing. In addition, data can be compared with the average bookings, or against peer groups of similar sailings. The pièce de résistance is a 3D rotating ship visualization showing individual staterooms and their booking status. Staff can now see clusters of unsold staterooms and manage pricing and deals across cabin categories, decks, and even target individual staterooms.



Discovery / Data Analysis: 1 Month
Minimal Viable Product (MVP): 3 Months